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Sometimes, people think working for a financial institution is just about the numbers. But the people who work here know there's more. It’s really about relationships.

For us, relationships are a huge part of what ACU is; not only our relationships with each and every one of our members, but the relationships we have with the communities we live in.

Our corporate contributions to the community at large, our partnerships with community organizations, and the volunteer work performed by ACU employees are all a part of us doing more. If you share our passions and our interests, then join us! 

ACU named a Top Manitoba Employer eight years in a row

“We are excited and humbled by this award,”
said ACU President & CEO Kevin Sitka.

Our triple-bottom-line commitment to people, planet and prosperity applies to everything we do — including how we nurture employees and show them how highly we value them. That’s how ACU attracts people motivated by the greater good, who genuinely believe that a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion makes us all stronger. Here’s why we were selected.

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ACU named a Greenest Employer 11 years in a row

ACU’s triple bottom line commitment to People, Planet and Prosperity includes enabling employees to lead and participation in environmental initiatives that support sustainability and reduce our impacts on the planet.

Here's why we were recognized as one of Canada’s Greenest Employers.

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Featured advice and stories

 Dennis Cunningham Manager of Environmental Sustainability at ACU

ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Dennis Cunningham

Dennis Cunningham grew up in Halifax, and as a child in the Maritimes, his environmental beliefs were first developed. Today, halfway across the country as the Manager of Environmental Sustainability at ACU, this lifelong passion is put into action every day, helping reduce the credit union’s environmental footprint. […]
Asterisk article - The inspiring life of Ed McCaffrey, one of ACU’s founding members

The inspiring life of Ed McCaffrey, one of ACU’s founding members

As we celebrate ACU’s 78th year this February 2021, we also reflect on the life of one of our founders who recently passed away at the incredible age of 100. Even into his final days this past October, having long since retired in Texas, Ed McCaffrey cherished the memories of building ACU back in Manitoba. […]
ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Andrea Dysievick

ACU Employee Spotlight: Getting to know Andrea Dysievick

In this employee spotlight, we get to know more about Andrea’s experience in finance and how her childhood actually prepared her for this industry. She also tells us how her career launched by having the confidence to take a bold first step. […]
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