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Lines of Credit

Line of Credit Options

A line of credit gives you flexibility when you need it. You get convenient access to cash and only pay interest on funds used. Use it to make big purchases or to cover expenses like medical bills or tuition.

Personal Line of Credit

There when you need it, our standard Lines of Credit start at $5,000.

  • Pay down your balance at any time
  • Interest charged only on the funds you use
  • Flexible payment options
  • Access your Line of Credit with your chequing account, debit card, cheques or through a branch
Student Line of Credit
Post-secondary students can use this Line of Credit to cover tuition costs and living expenses. Standard Student Lines of Credit start at $5,000.

  • Interest-only payments while you’re in school
  • A 6-month grace period after graduation, to find a job before full payments begin
  • Interest charged only on the funds you actually use
  • Access your Line of Credit through online and mobile banking, ATMs, cheques, and at any branch
  • No repayment penalties 
Home Advantage Plan Mortgage
Access the equity you've built up in your home as a secured line of credit, a loan or a mortgage.

  • Get up to 80% of the value of your home
  • Use these funds as you wish
RRSP Line of Credit
Maximizing your RRSP contribution each year lets you enjoy tax advantages now, while you save for your future.

  • Maximize your retirement savings
  • Increase your retirement income
  • Interest charged only on the funds you actually use
  • Pay off your line of credit any time, with no extra fees
  • Make a one-time application for credit that you can use for years

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