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Get an ACU Collabria Visa Infinite* card!

Receive a $120 first-year annual fee rebate^! Plus, earn exclusive privileges you deserve.

By taking advantage of this offer, you’ll receive:

  • 1st Year Annual Fee rebate on your eligible credit card
  • 15,000 Welcome Points, on your eligible credit card.

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*Visa Int. / Licensed User. ^Conditions apply.

We’re a Top Manitoba Employer!
ACU wins prestigious employer award for 8th consecutive year.

ACU’s triple-bottom-line commitment to people, planet and prosperity applies to our members, our community — and our employees. Their belief in the greater good and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion makes ACU better every day. Here’s why we were selected.

Recognize it. Reject it. Report it!

Throughout the month of March follow us on social media, where we’ll share with you tips, advice and resources that will help you be able to recognize fraud and protect yourself from it.

It's B Corp Month!

Learn how ACU is committed to people planet and prosperity, we go beyond: greenwashing, for people, community, bottom line, social justice, and empty promises.

Join ACU. Enjoy these rates.

5-yr fixed mortgage

Interest Rate

5-yr fixed GIC

Interest Rate

5-yr variable closed mortgage

Interest Rate

*Rates subject to change.
ACU member relations manager

How can we help you today?

During your personal life journey, we believe goals are met faster with the help of others. We can help you achieve financial success during your brightest moments, and provide support during challenging times. And by banking with ACU, you help contribute to the goals and dreams of others too. That’s money doing more. 

Woman using ACU mobile app

An app you can bank on

Bank on the go with the ACU mobile app. Manage your accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, deposit a cheque, locate our nearest credit union branches and more, anywhere, at any time.

ACU online banking member

Online banking made easy

With ACU online banking you can safely access your accounts and online services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Open a credit union account, view balances and transactions, pay bills securely, transfer funds, make contributions, set up account alerts and more.

Banking with purpose

True wealth comes in many forms. Banking with purpose means connecting your values to your finances, making good decisions for yourself, while improving the lives of others. 

Taking a values-based approach is woven into everything we do. Our credit union exists primarily to serve the needs of our local communities and member-owners, providing financial services and advice to families and businesses in Winnipeg, Thompson and Gillam, and reinvesting back into those communities.

Do more with your money.

Whatever your goals, we’ll help you get there.

A financial health check-up from ACU is a simple step that could help you improve your credit rating and manage debt, own your home sooner, grow your portfolio, retire early, leave a legacy for your loved ones . . . and so much more.

Take care of yourself, and your finances. Get a financial health check-up with our trusted financial advisors.

Bank on values. Join ACU.

When you bank with us, you support positive change in your community, and help connect people in ways that make dreams come true. Isn’t that what it should be about?

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