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Specialty Mortgages

Easy, convenient and great rates – that’s what a mortgage should be.
Looking for the perfect house can be time-consuming, but finding the perfect mortgage shouldn’t be. Our Mobile Mortgage Advisors will come to you. Get the advice you need while taking advantage of our great rates and 120-day rate guarantee.

Customized mortgage solutions to fit every perfect home.

If you’re looking to leverage equity in your current home, purchase a house requiring renovations, build a new house, or buy a revenue or vacation property, we have a mortgage that’s right for you! We also offer an Islamic mortgage.
Home Advantage Plan Mortgage

Get credit for the equity you've built up in your home, with an ACU Home Advantage Plan Mortgage.

  • When your mortgage is reaching maturity, we recommend reviewing the equity you’ve built. If you reside in an urban area, you can typically borrow up to 80% of your home’s appraised value. Use these funds as you wish - consolidate high-interest debt, make a down payment on the purchase of a second home or vacation property, or pay for your children's education
  • Access your equity as a secured line of credit, loan or mortgage
  • You can choose long and short-term amortization (not to exceed 25 years)
Purchase Plus Improve Mortgage

Finally found a fixer upper that's ready for a little TLC? Our Purchase Plus Improve Mortgage lets you include some renovation costs in your mortgage.

How it works:

  • Start by arranging your mortgage for the initial purchase price
  • Then list your planned renovations and have an appraisal done to establish the increase in value resulting from your proposed improvements
  • The down payment and approval process is based on the projected value of your home once renovations are complete
Builder's Mortgage

Construct your own home and pay for it in stages as it gets built.

How a builder's mortgage works:

  • The approval process, payment terms and down payment for a builder's mortgage are based on the projected value of your completed home
  • Once construction is under way, you'll be required to make regular interest payments on the funds that have been advanced, according to the payment schedule in your building contract
  • When construction is complete, the builder's mortgage is fully advanced and regular principal and interest payments start
Revenue Property Mortgage

If you're looking to buy a residential property for investment purposes, we can help.

The conditions and features of these mortgages vary somewhat from residential mortgages. For instance, to qualify for a Revenue Property Mortgage, you must demonstrate that your personal financial situation and the income you'll receive from owning and/or renting out the property will be sufficient to cover any taxes and payments. Factors such as the potential vacancy rate, cost of repairs and maintenance are also considered.

Vacation Property Mortgage

We can help arrange a mortgage for that sweet cottage or rural getaway here in beautiful Manitoba.

Islamic Mortgage

Our Islamic Mortgage is a banking solution offered to qualified members, based on a shared ownership concept called 'musharaka' (partnership). This Islamic Mortgage has been approved through the Assiniboine Islamic Advisory Board.

This mortgage is available to purchase an existing property, including a house or condominium, for use as your primary residence. The property must be within Manitoba. At this time, buildings under construction, revenue property, and property on leased land are not eligible.

If you are in the market for a Manitoba Islamic Mortgage for your home and your property meets the criteria outlined please book an appointment with one of our Islamic Mortgage Specialists at our Pembina at Bairdmore location. To learn more about this mortgage, check out this brochure [PDF]. For general inquiries about the Manitoba Islamic Mortgage please email us at cu@acu.ca

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