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Commercial Leasing

Commercial Leasing options to help finance your success. That's money doing more™

If your business relies on heavy machinery or up-to-date technology, commercial leasing can help you stay current without losing financial flexibility.

We offer commercial leasing through Concentra Financial, and we can help you determine if a lease vs a loan or cash purchase is the right solution for your business.

Why lease:

  • Get what you need now, even if a major purchase wasn’t planned
  • Keep your competitive edge by upgrading your equipment regularly
  • Keep your cash flow thanks to lower monthly payments
  • Get more capital without affecting your credit
  • Make payments on a schedule customized for you
  • Make smaller sales tax payments in regular instalments

A commercial lease is perfect for:

  • Heavy equipment
  • Semi-tractors and trailers
  • Landscaping and excavation equipment
  • Computer networks and communications systems
  • Medical, laboratory and diagnostic equipment

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