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ACU first to accelerate digital banking

For Immediate Release: November 6, 2020

Winnipeg, Manitoba – Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) leads the way in bringing members a best in class digital experience. Launching this new digital platform in the midst of a pandemic couldn’t come at a better time for its 125,000 member-owners.

“Members have been asking for enhanced ability to bank virtually, while at the same time needing increased security, and that’s exactly what our new ACU digital banking offers.” says Jennifer Mullen- Berube, ACU’s Chief Brand and Innovation Officer.

“Our members already know that ACU provides them with exceptional advice and service, with competitive products and pricing, while being very involved in our local communities. We use finance as a force for good – this is money doing more. The launch of this modernized digital banking platform significantly improves our members’ experience. It affirms our commitment to continuous improvement as we evolve and invest in digital services to meet our members needs today and in the future.” Mullen-Berube said.

ACU digital banking isn’t an out of the box platform. ACU has been right at the table in the development of this service, in collaboration with Celero, a Canadian solutions integrator, and ebankIT, a global digital banking software developer. “As a voice for many credit unions and their members, we made a strong commitment and assigned several members of our staff to the production process, sharing our knowledge and insight into how our members would use it and experience the greatest benefit,” she said.

“ACU’s pursuit of innovation in support of their members’ current and future financial needs has been vital to the design and development of this digital banking platform. It’s been an exciting and rewarding journey to bring forward a complete omnichannel digital banking platform in concert with ACU and ebankIT,” says Richard Hannah, Interim CEO, Celero.

Along with enjoying a fresher, bolder, easier to navigate website, ACU members will also be able to perform all of their regular daily banking activities and enjoy new and enhanced features such as setting up favourite transactions, managing alerts, changing how their accounts display and personalizing their profile. This evolution takes digital banking to a whole new level for credit unions.

About Assiniboine Credit Union
ACU is a financial co-operative with over $5.3 billion in assets. We offer a full suite of personal and commercial banking products and services, and a team of financial and wealth advisors to help our members succeed. We have 14 branch locations in Winnipeg, two northern branches in Thompson and Gillam, and we’re owned collectively by over 125,000 Manitobans who use our services today.

Media Inquiries:
Dean Beleyowski, Director, Marketing
Assiniboine Credit Union

About Celero
Celero is a leading provider of digital technology and integration solutions to credit unions and financial institutions across Canada. Clients trust Celero’s proven track record delivering innovative banking technologies, digital and payment solutions, cloud computing, outsourcing, IT, and advisory services. Celero offers reliability and security through its world-class hosted banking system and data centre operations. With key partnerships across the globe, Celero also brings the scale and extensive capabilities of multinational technology companies and the focused expertise of fintech startups. For more information, visit celero.ca.

Media Inquiries:
Kim Hamill
Manager, Communications

Winnipeg, MB - Friday | November 6, 01:54 PM
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