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ACU donates $10,000 grant to the Immigrant Centre of Manitoba —Nutrition Services Program

That’s money doing more for food security.

In 2022, ACU was one of 16 recipients of a Wyth Financial Empowering Your Community grant. Since 2011, Wyth has been partnering with credit unions to invest in projects that build better communities nationwide. 

ACU has chosen the Immigrant Centre of Manitoba’s Nutrition Services program as the recipient of its $10,000 community project grant. This allocation underscores ACU’s commitment to help strengthen local food systems and build more vibrant and healthy communities. 

“Inflation and ongoing food security issues are things we cannot ignore,” says Brendan Reimer, ACU Strategic Partner, Values-Based Banking. “And part of ACU’s mission is to invest our skills and resources in the creation of positive social impact.”

 The Immigrant Centre provides newcomers with free programs and services. Nutrition program participants learn about preparing foods found in Canadian grocery stores, meal planning, label reading, guidelines around feeding infants and children, and nutrition concepts. Participants include adults, youth, and children who live on very low incomes and whose families struggle every day to put healthy food on the table. They learn to shop for and cook nutritious, low-cost meals so they can thrive in their new home country.

 After funding expired for the Immigrant Centre’s nutrition program in 2021, the program was at risk of being discontinued. This grant, which the Immigrant Centre will use to purchase groceries and provide clients with food and nutrition education, will breathe life into the program.   

 “If we want a more sustainable future for all, we need to take action together to support those in need in our community,” Reimer says.


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