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Digital Banking

Your ACU digital banking experience starts here.

It’s a whole new world and change is everywhere. We’re committed to changing right along with you. How we do things, the services we offer, and even how we connect with you.
Digital banking features

ACU’s online and mobile banking includes a variety of convenient and secure features to help put you in charge of your money. You can open accounts online, view your activity timeline, receive alerts, reset your password, set up favourite transactions and personalize your experience by naming your accounts and adding your own profile and background images.

Get started here

To start enjoying your ACU digital banking experience, you’ll first need to take a few simple steps.

Online banking

Enrolling in online banking is easy – follow these simple steps to get started. 

Mobile banking
Setting up the mobile app is easy, simply download the app from your app store, then follow the steps to get set up.

Note: The ACU mobile app has a dark background and looks like this:

Need some help? Check out these frequently asked questions.

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