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Digital Banking - ACU mobile app update

ACU’s mobile app is getting an update thanks to your feedback!

Since our new mobile app launch, we’ve received lots of feedback from members. We listened, and have worked diligently to make updates.

We are now proud to announce that we relaunched our mobile banking app on October 25!

To get the benefits of the new features:

  • You will need to update the app from your app store. 
  • You will need your online banking username and password to open the new app. 
View of the new mobile app dashboard

Updated look

View of the new navigation bar on the mobile app (located at the bottom of the app)

Improved navigation

View of the new account list on the mobile app

Easy to view account list

View of the new void cheque feature

Void cheques
*New Feature*

How about a quick tour? Once you've downloaded the new app after October 25, you'll have an opportunity to walk through a guided tour. In the meantime, if you'd like more details about the app update, keep reading to find:

Login support 

  • The first time you log in, you will need to use your online banking username and password to get in.
  • If you encounter an error, try deleting and re-downloading the app.
  • The mobile app works on the following operating systems:
    • Apple (iOS): version 13 and up.
    • Android: version 6 and up.

Members with an older operating system may be unable to bank using the app  but will still be able to access online banking through the website.

 If you require support, please call our Member Communication Centre.

One important step members need to prepare.

If you currently sign in with biometric authentication, or used 'Saved Passwords' on your device, you'll need to use your online banking username and password the first time you log into the app. 

After your initial login, you can set up your biometric login again. If you use 'Saved Passwords' on your device, your mobile app information may carry over; nonetheless, we recommend that you have your online banking username and password handy before the update to ensure a smooth transition.

Items that will carry over

Interac e-Transfer®

Your e-Transfer contacts, personal profile, and settings will carry over to the newly updated app.

Account settings

All your account settings will be the same, with the exception of your personalized background (if you had one).

Bill payees and payments

All bill payees and scheduled bill payments will carry over to the upgraded app.

Open a new account in the App!

Sneak Peek

Simplified Pre-Login Screen
  • Contact Us and Find Us are located in the menu in the top right corner.
  • Sign-in appears when the app is opened.
  • If you need to sign in under a different username, simply select the down arrow next to the welcome message.
  • Our campaigns now appear at the bottom of the main screen.
Note: Once you select 'Sign In’ a new and improved secure login portal will open, secure.acu.ca. Simply follow the prompts to sign in. To bypass this screen for future sign-ins, activate biometric authentication for the updated app.

Our newly redesigned dashboard brings more functionality to your fingertips and with fewer clicks.

You'll find some common banking transactions directly underneath the quick balance view.

  • Pay bills, Transfers, Interac e-transfers, and Mobile Deposit

We've added a navigation bar at the bottom of the screen to house some the remaining features. This navigation is 'always on' and will remain in place at the bottom of the screen across the entire app.

  • Dashboard, Accounts, Move Money, Activity, and More.
New sections in the 'Always on Navigation Bar'
Each of the following main bullet points will open a new accordion menu.

  • Dashboard – main landing page
    • Quick view of account balances
    • Common transaction functions
    • Favourites
    • Recent Activities
  • Accounts – overview of all accounts
    • Open new account
    • Separated into categories (e.g. Chequing, savings, etc.)
    • Collapse sections to reduce the length of the list
    • o Complete common transaction functions by clicking the vertical dots located at the bottom right on your preferred account
      • Download void cheque *New Feature*
      • View eStatement
    • View details

  • Move Money – transfers, payments, and e-Transfers
    • Transfers – transfer funds, view scheduled transfers, and mobile deposit
    • Payments – pay bills, view scheduled payments, and manage payees
    • E-Transfers – send money, history, profile settings, manage contacts, auto deposit settings
  • Activity – view various activities
    • View transactions
    • Activity history – banking transaction activity across all accounts
    • View scheduled payments
    • View schedules transfers
    • View eStatements
    • Download void cheque *New Feature*

  • … more
    • Generic management of profile and settings.
    • Financial overview
    • Manage payees
    • Interac e-Transfer settings
    • Messages
Remember to update your app to enjoy the new features.

Don't have digital banking set up yet? Call us today to get started!

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