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Assiniboine Receives National Community Economic Development Award

May 4, 2016 – Winnipeg, MB

Assiniboine Credit Union received the National Community Economic Development Award for their branch in the North End of Winnipeg. This award focuses national attention on the leadership role credit unions play in inspiring others to shape promising futures within their communities. 

At the heart of Assiniboine's values, putting people before profits, was the centre of the decision to open a branch in the North End.

"As we observed the need for inclusive financial services in this area, we knew we could make a difference by providing financial access to people and businesses in this area," says Kevin Sitka, President & CEO of Assiniboine Credit Union. "This branch exists to allow residents of this community access to financial services that many take for granted in other areas of the city."

Working alongside community partners and early investors, Assiniboine opened the branch in 2012. Four years after its grand opening, the North End Branch boasts 1,300 members and has become a lively centre of activity.

"I am proud to be involved with Assiniboine's commitment to the North End," says Kristy Tkach, North End Branch Manager. "Members are grateful to have an alternative to high-fee cheque cashing institutions that have dominated the area. Assiniboine has had a positive impact by providing help to the community in need of financial services and advice."

Showcasing the true nature of the cooperative spirit of credit unions to serve underserved populations, Assiniboine is proud to play a role in this thriving community.

Winnipeg, MB - Wednesday | May 4, 09:04 PM
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