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Important Information for Legacy Entegra Members

Entegra Product Changes

Effective June 2, 2022, legacy Entegra accounts will be switched to an ACU account that best suits your banking behaviour.
Entegra Savings Accounts ACU Savings Accounts
Smart Start Savings Youth High Rate Savings
Daily Savings Everyday Savings
Ultra Savings High Rate Savings

To view our Savings Account brochure which will be effective June 2, download it here.

Entegra Chequing Accounts ACU Chequing Accounts
Regular Chequing ACU Light Chequing
All-In-One Chequing ACU Active Chequing
Economy Chequing ACU Active Chequing
Citizenship Chequing ACU Active Chequing
Full Service Chequing ACU Digital Chequing
No Fee Chequing* No Fee Chequing*
Golden All-In-One Chequing ACU Active Chequing
Student Chequing ACU Student Digital Chequing
U.S. Personal Chequing USD Chequing 
*No fee accounts are not changing. 

To view our Savings Account brochure which will be effective June 2, download it here.

Entegra Business Accounts ACU Business Accounts
Regular Business Chequing Basic Business
Business Gold Chequing Business 75
Organizational Chequing Community Builder
U.S. Business Chequing U.S. Business
Daily Business Savings Business Savings

To view our Business and Community Account brochures which will be effective June 2, download them here.
The following account changes will occur August 2, 2022. 
Entegra Account ACU Account
Advantage Savings High Rate Savings
Advantage Business Savings Monthly High Rate Savings
TFSA Savings Tax Free Savings
Advantage RRIF RRIF Variable Savings
Advantage MB RRIF MB RRIF Variable Savings
Advantage LIRA LIRA Variable Savings
Advantage LIF LIF Variable Savings
Advantage RRSP RRSP Variable Savings

Important Information for Legacy Entegra Members

Steps to Onboard to Digital Banking

After May 15, digital banking users will have to re-onboard to ACU’s digital banking platform. Here are the steps to take when re-onboarding.

  1. Download the ACU mobile app* or access online banking through acu.ca.
  2. Enter your Personal Access Number (PAN)** - that’s your ECU debit card number - as your username.
  3. Enter your date of birth, then the cellphone number OR email address that’s in our system*** to receive the authentication code.
  4. Enter the verification code you received.
  5. Choose a new username. 
  6. Enter a new secure password – minimum 10 characters with at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.
  7. After setting and confirming the password, read and accept the Direct Service Agreement to continue.
  8. Click ‘Create user profile’.
  9. Once you have confirmed you have access to the ACU app, delete the ECU app.

*Visit your app store to download ACU mobile app so you can bank anywhere, anytime.

ACU Mobile App:

**If you do not have your PAN, call us as soon as possible so we can provide it to you.

***Update your contact information

Ensure your email and mobile phone number are correct to make onboarding to digital banking as easy as possible.  

To update your contact information:

  1. Sign in to digital banking
  2. Select ‘Profile and Preferences’
  3. Select ‘Change Contact Information’
  4. Enter your cell and email and click ‘Submit’

To learn more about your new digital banking experience, visit https://www.acu.ca/en/about/merger.


Digital Banking After May 15 - What to expect

After May 15, here’s what you can expect with your digital banking.

What you will be able to see:

  • Accounts
  • Bill payees
  • Scheduled bill payments
  • eStatements
  • Cheque images

What will not carry over to the new system:

  • Biometric authentication
  • *Scheduled transfers of funds
  • *Favourites
  • *Alerts
  • *CRA allotments
  • *Interac e-Transfer® profile, contacts, history and Autodeposit settings

*We highly recommend you take screenshots or notes of the items you want to reset on ACU’s digital banking.

Note: CRA allotments that are scheduled to occur after May 13 will need to be deactivated prior to merger weekend and be set up again after May 15. 

Your interac e-Transfer profile will not carry over to ACU's digital banking platform. Here are a few things to know. 
Prior to May 12
  • Send all Interac e-Transfer prior to Thursday, May 12*. The service will resume when digital banking comes back online on Monday, May 16. 
After May 15
  • Set up your Interac e-Transfer profile using the same email address as you are using now*.
  • Set up Autodeposit.
  • Add recipient contact information. 
*All pending e-Transfer will be cancelled and funds returned to sender before the merge starts at 5:00 p.m., Friday, May 13. 
Note: Based on requirements of the Income Tax act, using Interac e-Transfer to transfer to and from TFSAs is not allowed. These transactions must flow through a member's chequing/savings account first. 
A few account numbers will be changing to accommodate our growing membership. Should your account number change:
  • there will be no action required on your part. 
  • all automatic deposits and withdrawals will remain in place.
  • cheques you have on hand will remain valid.  
You can find your account numbers through digital banking or in your monthly statement.

Digital Banking

Use your ACU sign in credentials on Monday, May 16, and you will be able to see your ECU accounts.

NOTE:  Member-to-member favourites will have to be set up again. Some account numbers may change, so we recommend verifying the account number before re-setting them up.

Interac e-Transfer Profile

Since you'll be using your existing ACU digital banking credentials, your Interac profile will remain as it is now, with the contact information you currently have. You will continue to use this profile not your ECU e-Transfer profile.

You will need to add any contacts/recipients you have set up in ECU digital banking that you don’t have in ACU digital banking.
Legacy member statement dates will be changed to align with existing ACU statement dates, which are based on the first letter of your last name. 
  • A-C: 3rd of every month
  • D-G: 7th of every month
  • H-L: 10th of every month
  • M-P: 14th of every month
  • Q-T: 21st of every month
  • U-Z: 27th of every month
All business statements will be produced at the end of the month. 

Legacy ACU members with a May 14th statement date (last name beginning with M, N, O, or P) can expect that statement to be delayed up to two days due to the banking system interruptions of merger weekend. 
ECU ATMs will each be down for 1-2 hours sometime during the following days prior to merge weekend.
  • May 09 - Jefferson Branch
  • May 10 - Gateway Branch
  • May 11 - Disraeli Branch
  • May 11 - St. Anne's Branch
All new debit cards issued between May 09 and May 13 must be activated prior to 3:59 p.m. on Friday, May 13, if you wish to use it over the weekend. 

ACU debit cards will not be issued immediately to Legacy ECU members. As ECU debit cards expire they will be replaced with ACU debit cards.
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