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2019 Governance Accountability Report

ACU Governance Report Summary

ACU is a values-based financial co-operative committed to doing business in a way that is financially sound and socially and environmentally responsible. Our member-elected board of directors is accountable to over 126,000 ACU members and committed to governing ethically and transparently. The ACU board always considers the impact of business decisions on employees, members, the environment and the communities ACU serves.

In 2019, the board continued to oversee strategies, approved the ACU budget, and the annual measures of success. The board assessed the performance of individual directors, continued to review its own effectiveness, updated several governing policies, and approved revisions to ACU’s enterprise risk management (ERM) reporting requirements. By engaging in discussions on strategic topics, the board gained a strong understanding of issues that may impact ACU and our stakeholders now, and in the future. The board also strengthened dialogue with members of our community through visits to ACU branches, attendance at community events and involvement in social media.

In the coming year the board will continue its commitment to strong governance by: participating in an annual planning session to set the future direction of ACU; engaging in strategic discussions; participating in credit union system initiatives through leadership and insight; and continuing to assess its own performance.

With solid governance leading the way, ACU is able to achieve its vision, and demonstrate money doing more in a tangible way.

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